One lap of Australia for Youth Mental health: 15,000kms in under 48 days 22 hours

I will be attempting to break the Solo and unsupported recumbent bike record around Australia. I will be raising money for youth mental health (Alive Project) this fundraising page will be up and running soon.

I will be cycling on my M5 recumbent bike, the same bike that I cycled the race in July 2021 from Perth to Sydney with no issues. So I’m hoping the bike will stand up to all conditions on this trip, and my body will hold up to 300 km per day and 48 days with no days break. This is a physical and mental race around Australia – I’m ready for the challenge. 

Please donate to Youth Mental Health – ALIVE:

The current record holder:

Peter Heal holds this record at 48 days 23 hours and 37 minutes for 14,913 km.


The ride is completely solo, on sealed-roads approximate perimeter ride, without a support vehicle. The start and finish locations must be at the same spot. Contenders may start and finish at any point on the route. Human powered vehicles other than bicycles (safety bikes) do not qualify. To claim the record, the contender must finish 1 hour quicker and travel 1 km more than the record holder. A route same in spirit but clearly more strenuous qualifies. Arrangements for collecting supplies are only allowed in four locations. The route must pass, in any sequence, certain fixed points along the route of the existing record, these are:

  • Melbourne Spencer Street Bridge 
  • Foster 
  • Eden 
  • Kiama
  • Sydney – Harbour Bridge 
  • Brisbane – Story Bridge 
  • Innisfail Town Centre 
  • Junction Gulf Developmental Rd / Burke Developmental Rd (approx 7km south of Normanton) Mt Isa 
  • Katherine 
  • Roebuck Roadhouse 
  • Carnarvon West Coast Hwy 
  • Cottesloe 
  • Mandurah Town Centre 
  • Yallingup Caves Rd 
  • Leeuwin Naturalist National Park Caves Rd 
  • Walpole 
  • Esperance Town Centre 
  • Elliston 
  • Port Lincoln (from south on Western Approach Rd) 
  • Port Augusta  
  • Adelaide – King William Bridge 
  • Wellington Ferry across Murray river 
  • Policemans Point 
  • Nelson 
  • Port Campbell 
  • Apollo Bay 
  • Torquay 

The Plan:

I will be starting at Spencer Street Bridge in Melbourne and will be cycling anti-clockwise. I will be setting off from Spencer St Bridge, Melbourne, early on the 17th May 2022. The route follows sealed roads as close as possible to the perimeter of the Australian coastline. I’ll be following the existing route. There have been some new motorways since 2010, so I will plan my route accordingly. I will be making up extra km north towards Darwin – the current record holder turned at Katherine. I am hoping for a total distance of over 15,000km in under 48 days 22 hours!

The Bike & Tracking:

I will be cycling a M5 Recumbent Bike and Strava will track my route daily.

If anyone wants to ride for a couple of kms with me on the route, I’d be happy to chat – but remember I’ll be pushing hard! Be sure to show your support if I’m passing your area. Follow me on Strava I will be checking out your messages after the race. I hope my body and mind holds up out there and everyone that will follow me enjoys it. I will be posting photos, times and kms on my trip. I won’t let you down! I hope you will all understand the man behind this story by the end. 

Bryan Taaffe

One response to “One lap of Australia for Youth Mental health: 15,000kms in under 48 days 22 hours”

  1. Good luck with your ride. I completed this ride in 2005 with a support vehicle. Just wondering what sort of wheels will you be using regarding getting over the many cattle grids? My choice of wheels did not hold up very well braking many spokes!


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